Media Coverage of CCDH's work on
COVID-19 Misinformation

CCDH's research and communications teams are working to:

  • Explain the nature and dangers posed by health misinformation

  • Expose the infrastructure that underpins the creation and spread of misinformation and hate

  • Expose the exploitation of fears around COVID-19 to inculcate identity-based hate

  • Maintain pressure on social media companies to demonstrate the #WillToAct on misinformation and hate on their platforms

  • Educate citizens on how they should deal with misinformation

15/04/20 - The Sun: UTTER JAB-BERISH Inside barmy anti-vaxx group where coronavirus conspiracy nuts DENY pandemic exists and spread wild 5G hoaxes

25/04/20 - Esquire: Fighting The Infodemic: How Fake News Is Making Coronavirus Even More Dangerous

27/04/20 - BBC: Coronavirus: Viral WhatsApp messages 'drop 70%'

27/04/20 - Private Eye: Quacks of Doom

01/05/20 - BBC: Coronavirus: David Icke kicked off Facebook

01/05/20 - Independent: Coronavirus: Conspiracy theorist David Icke’s Facebook page deleted as pressure mounts on social media companies

01/05/20 - The Guardian: Facebook removes page belonging to conspiracy theorist David Icke

01/05/20 - Jewish Chronicle: Icke antisemitic conspiracies viewed over 30 million times, new research shows

01/05/20 - LBC

02/05/20 - BBC: Coronavirus: David Icke's channel deleted by YouTube

03/05/20 - Sky News: Coronavirus: YouTube deletes David Icke's channel over pandemic misinformation 


03/05/20 - ITV News: YouTube terminates David Icke's account over Covid-19 conspiracy theories 


03/05/20 - Newsweek: David Icke, Man Behind Coronavirus 5G Conspiracy, Has YouTube Channel Shuttered for Sharing Misinformation

04/05/20 - BBC Radio 5 Live: Imran Ahmed Interview


12/05/20 - Politico: 'Conspiracy bingo': Transatlantic extremists seize on the pandemic 


15/05/20 - The National: German far-right exploits Covid-19 to rally anti-Muslim fervour 


18/05/20 - Coda: Islamophobic Covid-19 disinfo spreads


21/05/20 - Brussels Times: 5G, COVID-19, and the need to inoculate Europe against disinformation

21/05/20 - Buzzfeed: These Are The Fake Experts Pushing Pseudoscience And Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus Pandemic

29/05/20 - Talk Radio: Imran Ahmed Interview

29/05/20 - Coda: Coverage of CCDH research on "gamification" of conspiracy theories on Discord

01/06/20 - Bloomberg: Google Helps Place Ads on Sites Amplifying Covid Conspiracies

03/06/20 - Press Gazette: Cash for conspiracies: How David Icke, 'alternative' media and tech giants make money from coronavirus conspiracies

04/06/20 - ITV: Social media companies ‘failing to act on 90% of Covid-19 misinformation'

04/06/20 - BBC: Social media firms fail to act on Covid-19 fake news

04/06/20 - Independent: Coronavirus: Social media firms only taking down one in 10 posts reported for ‘dangerous’ misinformation, research finds

04/06/20 - i: Coronavirus: Social media platforms remove fewer than one in 10 posts containing misinformation

04/06/20 - The Sun: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter remove fewer than 1 in 10 posts reported for fake coronavirus news, probe finds

04/06/20 - LBC News

04/06/20 - Talk Radio

04/06/20 - Labour List: Labour urges action to tackle coronavirus fake news on social media (Opposition party backs our report)

04/06/20 - Daily Mail: Fewer than one in 10 bogus social media posts on coronavirus promoting quack cures, anti-vaccination propaganda and 5G conspiracies are removed by web giants, study shows

04/06/20 - First Draft News: Daily Newsletter

16/06/20 - NBC - Google bans website ZeroHedge from its ad platform over comments on protest articles

16/06/20 - Vanity Fair - Google and Facebook are cracking down on the far right

16/06/20 - The Verge - Google Ads bans Zero Hedge for racist content, but reverses decision on The Federalist

16/06/20 - Daily Beast - Google Threatens to Ban Right-Wing Site The Federalist From Its Ad Platform

16/06/20 - Axios - Google bans ZeroHedge from ad platform due to protest coverage

23/06/20 - Wall Street Journal - Letter from Imran Ahmed, CEO, CCDH - Views on Free Speech, NBC and the Federalist

06/07/20 - The Guardian - Extend US Facebook boycott to Europe, campaigners urge

07/07/20 - The Guardian - Nearly one in six Britons would refuse Covid-19 vaccine – survey

07/07/20 - The Telegraph - A third of Britons plan to refuse Covid-19 vaccine amid rise in online anti-vaxx conspiracies

07/07/20 - The Telegraph (Op-Ed) - It's time the tech giants cracked down on the anti-vaxx infodemic

07/07/20 - The Sun - Fears a surge in anti-vaxxers could torpedo Britain’s chances of stopping coronavirus