"I wholeheartedly support the launch of the Center for Countering Digital Hate. It makes me sad to say it, but this work is needed now more than ever. We have to try and understand the causes and effects of hate, in all its forms, and the work the CCDH is doing is a fine example of this.


"Through my role as an ambassador for The Jo Cox Foundation, set up after the murder of my sister, I am keen to look at ways we can all work to improve the current tone of discourse and discussion, and the advice of the CCDH is a valuable part of this."

Kim Leadbeater, Ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation


"As Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism, I’m publishing a report on the threat of extremism in England and Wales and have gathered a significant amount of data. Online hate is one of, if not the, most significant concern people have when we discuss extremism. There’s a role for all of us in making the online world less toxic. Innovative initiatives like this are absolutely vital and I hope this project inspires much more work like it."


"The CCDH is a new important part of the battle to make digital platforms a place where productive dialogue can prosper and hate is as unwelcome as it would be in the real world."

Nick Lowles, CEO of Hope Not Hate


"Imran Ahmed is a leading expert in the networks and tactics of hate, especially their use of digital spaces. Having first worked with him many years ago, on issues such as anti-Muslim hatred and community cohesion, I know he is a committed champion of liberalism, tolerance, and democratic values. He and the CCDH will be a key ally in the fight to defend these values, which are all under threat today."

Fiyaz Mughal, Director of Faith Matters and Founder of Tell MAMA


"Having analysed and trialled solutions to the weaponization of hate for well over a decade, we’ve seen a dangerous spike in the online mobilisation of hate movements in recent years, not least as a result of their early adoption of digital communications tools and the algorithmic amplification of extreme messaging on social media. With this, the harassment and bullying of public figures, especially women and political figures from minority and faith communities, has become a stable feature of the digital public square.

"CCDH’s work on the trolling of public figures is vital to our understanding of contemporary threats to democracy and an important new contribution to this field. Their work to develop response and mitigation strategies for those being targeted is sorely needed.

"CCDH is a welcome new addition to the ecosystem of work being led to counter hate and to protect public debate from manipulation and distortion."

Sasha Havlicek, CEO of ISD


"The CCDH is a crucial addition to the anti-hate sector. As racism and other forms of hate have found new ways of proliferating online, it’s vital to have specialists in this area finding methods to counter them. We look forward to working alongside the CCDH to address these challenges."