We, the undersigned, call on you to remove David Icke’s accounts from each of your platforms.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Icke has used your platforms to spread dangerous conspiracy theories and medical misinformation to his audience of millions of followers and subscribers. The potentially harmful claims he has made include denying the existence of Covid-19; linking the current crisis to 5G mobile technology; suggesting that Jewish cultists are behind the crisis; that viruses cannot be transmitted through direct physical contact or intermediary objects; and that people with healthy immune systems are safe from contracting the virus. Videos of Icke making these claims have been viewed at least 30 million times.


During this time, we have seen a spate of arson attacks on 5G masts, which Icke has claimed are being erected under the cover of lockdown. A recent academic study suggests that belief in conspiracy theories, of the type promoted by Icke on your platforms, makes members of the public less likely to follow the official guidance to wash their hands regularly, stay at home, and socially distance.


That Icke would use his accounts on your platforms in this way could have been predicted. He has been using them to spread racism, medical misinformation and conspiracy theories for years. Whether it’s fake news stories about Muslims cancelling Christmas and the legalisation of rape by Muslim men, implying that migrants are morally inferior, using racist imagery, or the conspiracy theory that Jews are secretly behind antisemitic attacks on their own communities, Icke has consistently violated your terms.


In the face of this global pandemic that has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, it is more urgent than ever that accounts spreading harmful misinformation are prevented from doing so. There is a moral duty on each of you to act. Please remove David Icke from your platforms.

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Read the report

Read our report on David Icke, the hate actor, conspiracy theorist and spreader of COVID misinformation. Icke has been embraced by Big Tech firms, which both power and profit from his hate and misinformation.

Our research shows that Icke is the leading individual producer of COVID-19 misinformation, videos of Icke making untrue and  conspiracist claims about the disease being viewed 30 million times across social media. Icke’s online audience has grown by almost 400,000 new followers and subscribers since March.

One video, in which Icke claims the Jewish Rothschild family helped plan the coronavirus outbreak is the 27th most viewed video about the virus on YouTube. It has been viewed 6 million times.

The report also details Icke’s long history of using social media to promote his racism, attacking Jewish people, Muslims and migrants.