Selected Broadcast Interviews

Selected Media Coverage for CCDH

The Hill: 12 prominent people opposed to vaccines are responsible for two-thirds of anti-vaccine content online: report (3/21)


Rolling Stone: Instagram Is Pushing Anti-Vaccine Misinformation and QAnon Content, Study Finds (3/21)


New Yorker: The Fight Against Vaccine Misinformation (3/21)

Vogue: Selena Gomez on Politics, Faith, and Making the Music of Her Career (3/21)


Nature: Dismantling the anti-vaxx industry (3/21)


NPR: Instagram Suggested Posts To Users. It Served Up COVID-19 Falsehoods, Study Finds (3/21)

NPR: Many Teachers Still Hesitant Over Coronavirus Vaccine (2/21)


Press Gazette: Profits from propaganda: How Facebook takes cash from China to promote Uyghur disinformation to millions (2/21)


Insider: Facebook has launched a new crackdown on vaccine misinformation. Experts say it doesn't go far enough. (2/21)


LBC: Tech giants criticised over 'conspiracy theory' videos on Gaia streaming service (2/21)


CNN: Leaders of the anti-vaccine movement used 'Stop the Steal' crusade to advance their own conspiracy theories (2/21)


Washington Post: The Trump administration bailed out prominent anti-vaccine groups during a pandemic (1/21)


iTV: Why police were unable to stop rioters from entering the US Capitol (1/21)


The Guardian: Facebook condemned for hosting neo-Nazi network with UK links (11/20)


Vox: Facebook took down a massive “Stop the Steal” group after its members called for violence (11/20)


The Guardian: Twitter permanently suspends conspiracy theorist David Icke’s account (11/20)


Bloomberg: Google Runs Ads on Election Conspiracy Theory Sites, Study Finds (10/20)   


The Sun: INSTA OUTRAGE Instagram chiefs refused to axe ISIS propaganda account glorifying 9/11 and featuring execution videos (10/20)


The Lancet: The online anti-vaccine movement in the age of COVID-19 (10/20)


BBC: Coronavirus: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 'fail to tackle anti-vaccination posts' (9/20)


Huffington Post: Deplatforming Works, Just Ask David Icke (8/20)

USA Today: Despite COVID-19 pandemic, tech giants still profit from anti-vaccination movement (7/20)


The Times: Ministers sit idly while anti-vax poison is spread (7/20)


The Independent: Coronavirus: Social media firms make $1bn a year from anti-vax followers, report says (7/20)


Wall Street Journal: Letter from Imran Ahmed, CEO, CCDH - Views on Free Speech, NBC and the Federalist (6/20)


BBC: Social media firms fail to act on Covid-19 fake news (6/20)


Data & Society: Parallel Pandemics (5/20)


Sky News: Coronavirus: YouTube deletes David Icke's channel over pandemic misinformation  (5/20)


The Guardian: Facebook removes page belonging to conspiracy theorist David Icke (5/20)


The Sun: UTTER JAB-BERISH Inside barmy anti-vaxx group where coronavirus conspiracy nuts DENY pandemic exists and spread wild 5G hoaxes  (4/20)


iNews: Dangerous coronavirus 'cures' are available to buy on Facebook Marketplace (3/20)


Daily Telegraph: How to stop fake coronavirus news from going viral (3/20)


Daily Telegraph: Covid-19 misinformation can be as dangerous as the virus itself – we must mobilise to stop its spread (Op-Ed) (3/20)


Daily Telegraph: Covid Deniers: How shadowy social media groups are spreading myths and conspiracy about coronavirus (3/20)


iNews: Coronavirus fake news adverts approved by Facebook despite crackdown (3/20)


Buzzfeed: YouTube Is Letting Millions Of People Watch Videos Promoting Misinformation About The Coronavirus (3/20)

The Sun: FAKE NEWS: Facebook ‘refused to take down’ groups pedalling fake coronavirus news and conspiracy theories (3/20)


iNews: Katie Hopkins’ account locked after an anti-hate group met with Twitter (1/20)


Jewish News: OPINION: Tech giants can help halt hate (1/20)


The Spectator: Social media needn’t be a cesspit (12/19)


Jewish News: Facebook pulls ‘Nazi-level hate’ group after Rachel Riley complaint (12/19)


The Independent: Online extremists are already influencing our election – but we can do something about it (11/19)


Huffington Post: Ignoring, Not Engaging, Is The Only Way To Force Online Trolls Back Into Their Caves (9/19)


BBC: Online trolls: Why they abuse celebs and how to combat it (9/19)