Stop the Spread of misinformation

The anti-vaxx industry earns at least $36 million annually by profiting at the expense of public health. Their audiences are worth up to $1.1 billion a year to big tech. 

Tech companies told us they will remove vaccine misinformation and superspreaders for breaching their rules. But when push comes to shove, they fail to act.


We’re calling on Big Tech to commit to taking the action they promised. They must stop the spread of lies about vaccines that stop us from containing COVID. 

Science matters. Lies can kill.

Will you sign the petition?

Rachel Riley 

Dr Adam Kay

Read the report

Read our report on the pandemic profiteers. While many of us were making sacrifices to keep one another safe, a subversive industry of anti-vaxxers used the pandemic as an opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of public health. 

This anti-vaxx industry boasts annual revenue of at least $36 million and employs 266 people. They have received more than $1.5 million in PPP loans from the US government and cross collaborate in order to further enrich themselves. 

This industry uses social media platforms to spread their misinformation with 62 million followers across the platforms.  

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