Instagram: Take Tenpenny Off

Instagram, take Tenpenny off.


Sherri Tenpenny is spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic. And Instagram is giving her the platform to do that. Sign this letter to Instagram asking them to remove her anti-vaxx lies now.  

Instagram, do the right thing, take Sherri Tenpenny’s anti-vaxx lies off your platform.  

Sherri Tenpenny is a notorious anti-vaxxer. She makes false claims about the safety and efficacy of masks. And last week she even made the false and baseless claim that the vaccine makes people 'magnetized'. During the Covid pandemic she took part in an Instagram Live with disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield and shared a video where he referred to the pandemic as an “alleged plague”.

She has been able to spread misinformation online because social media companies have not acted quickly enough to stop the spread of misinformation. It’s costing lives. 

Sign our open letter now to demand Instagram remove Sherri Tenpenny and stop her from spreading anti-vaxx misinformation. 

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